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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Today in sex news: A giant, glitter-spraying penis that sneaks up on you

Giant glitter-spraying penis stars in Norwegian sex education advert [VIDEO]
Norwegian sexual health charity hires man in giant penis costume to creep up on unsuspecting members of the public and spray them with golden confetti. Read more >>

The secret lives of phone sex workers
Phil Toledano tracked down US phone sex professionals, photographed them in their homes and asked them to talk through the realities of the job. From the 60-year-old with an anthropology degree to the man who plays cards while he works, the results were unexpected. Read more >>

The Little Death awkwardly entwines five comedy sketches about sex
Five strong sketch-comedy ideas make up Australian actor Josh Lawson’s directorial debut, The Little Death, but that doesn’t mean they add up to a strong movie. Read more >>