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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I want to rub this plate all over my face

You were wondering how excited anyone could get over plates, right? The answer: REAL EXCITED. Because look:

How gorgeous is that?

But wait, there's more:

This just makes me want to throw all my plates in the garbage and buy these new ones but I won't because "environment" and "nature" and "waste" and stuff but really, these are going on my Christmas list and then on my wall and also probably under some cake.

I would pack that bowl. I would pack that bowl so hard.
Okay, enough enthusing. Here are the details:

These are part of House Party, Drake General Store's first-ever housewares collection. The Canadian Landscape Set ($15-$18) features iconic Canadian scenes printed onto plates, bowls, teacups and saucers.

You'll be able to get it in-store and online at Drake General Store starting September 16.

Also? Hang tight because later this week I'll be bringing you news of Drake holiday pop-up shops at The Bay.

So good.